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Tina Luddy

L2 Luddy Leadership exists to help companies thrive through change

Reorganizations, scaling, downsizing, pivoting, launching new platforms – millions of dollars are gained and lost on change initiatives every year. What determines which organizations will succeed and which will lose innovation, productivity, and key talent?

With decades of experience in our rearview mirror, L2 has identified a single common success factor: companies win when they nail managing both the operational and human sides of organizational transformations. We empower leaders to do just that by applying proven best practices, field experience, and deep research to all aspects of their change initiative. The result is leaders who inspire greater clarity, confidence, and commitment across their organization.

Top firms in the areas of technology, financial services, media, marketing, management consulting and more trust our expertise, insight, and proven performance to drive meaningful change. Put our resources to work for you and together we’ll build a successful organizational change effort that creates a lasting, positive impact.

Unleash Your Innate Leadership Talents

At L2 Consulting, we build leaders. We begin by assessing the core issues affecting our clients so that we can understand the goals they want to accomplish. Through a targeted and supportive partnership, we determine the best approach for their unique needs. The program we choose is implemented through a framework that promises an optimal learning experience for all involved.

Activating leadership acumen begins with an exploration into the foundational beliefs that frame your perspective. It requires developing a strong sense of self-awareness, both in terms of your personal aspirations and your impact on those around you. Leadership requires a commitment to your personal visions and the courage to stand for what is right—even in the face of obstacles and adversity.

In the end, developing your personal leadership muscle is a learning exercise that yields the wisdom necessary to rapidly assess people and complex situations and take focused, productive action that ensures positive results.

If you’re looking for someone to listen to you and listen to you objectively, Tina is the one. If you are looking for someone to ask you the tough questions, Tina is the one. If you are looking for honest and candid feedback, Tina is the one. If you don’t want to know the truth, improve yourself, then Tina is not the one.

Najat A.

Technology Executive

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

L2 Consulting specializes in helping individuals activate their leadership acumen and exercise it effectively throughout their professional and personal communities. We believe that leadership is present within all individuals and that, through coaching and personal development, it can be cultivated into the edge business executives need to successfully navigate increasingly volatile and competitive markets.

We are your experts in leading through change. Tina Colton has done the research and has the on-the-field experience to enable your organization to navigate, embrace and emerge stronger through organizational change. Our services go beyond providing behavioral training panaceas and offer our clients real, personal, foundational insights from which they can build a repertoire of authentic leadership skills.

Harness the innate leadership skills of you & your team to reach your full potential.