Change Leadership

We are passionate about empowering organizations to deliver change outcomes that inspire possibility and innovation. To accomplish this, we apply four principles to every aspect of our change work:

  • Systemic Lens: What may look like a localized situation is often indicative of broader organizational issues. These must be addressed to effectively achieve the desired change. For example, changing people’s behavior is often linked to rewards and recognitions, leadership values in action, and performance management processes. By viewing an organization through this systemic lens, we identify the blind spots that can hinder sustainable change.
  • Data Driven: We approach each client engagement with a sense of curiosity and a desire to support learning. That means leaving our assumptions at the door and instead utilizing reliably sourced insights. By collecting measurable data from key stakeholders within and outside of the organization, we can establish a baseline that informs our work going forward.
  • Leader Driven: Leadership buy-in is powerful and transformational. We see the best results when we collaborate with our clients and internal change agents who have the authority and resources to lead the change.
  • Solution Oriented: In change efforts, it’s easy to put all the focus on what is broken or wrong. Our process flips the script by asking “What is working?” “Where do you see evidence of success already happening?” The answers to these questions are the starting point for our work. Because we believe the best way to accelerate change is to build on the proven success assets that already exist in your organization.

By applying these tenets, we foster progress on defined goals and create a customized roadmap to successful, sustainable change.

We also understand that achieving a balanced focus on both the operational and human aspects of change initiatives requires solid leadership capabilities. That’s why we offer a range of services to help executives build greater depth and agility in their acumen as change leaders.

We’ve found working with a leadership team on a targeted development journey is a pivotal building block for success with change efforts. Our typical engagement involves a mix of 1:1 executive coaching and small group work working with members of a leadership team over a 12-18-month customized journey. Throughout our work together we bring in tools and frameworks as a way to foster progress on defined goals. Examples include:

  • Leading teams through transitions
  • Best practices on teaming
  • Building an inclusive leadership culture

Through honest, supportive, challenging conversations we will apply leadership tools and strategies designed to resolve your most pressing business issues.

Achieve measurable change for yourself and your leadership goals through one-on-one coaching sessions. These highly personalized sessions are designed to provide a container to for you to step back, reflect and hone your best thinking on your most pressing business and leadership challenges. Outcomes include greater self-awareness, clarity, confidence, and leadership effectiveness.

As part of an executive coaching engagement we often include a qualitative 360 feedback process to ensure leaders are working with a clear picture of how to be most successful in their roles. Clients report that the value of this feedback is its ability to uncover important blind spots and bright spots to accelerate individual growth and success.

Take your leadership to the next level